11 Differences Between Dating A Boy vs A Man

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    Beautiful post. If only all men and cultures allowed this.

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    I see a lot about what a man is supposed to do, be etc…but so little on what a women is supposed to do, be etc… I just finished a 13 year marriage that I entered in to adopted her 3 children whom I love dearly had 2 more and gave my all every dime, my time, my love, energy, devotion, loyalty. I don’t claim perfection, but I am a great guy who has busted his butt to make things work, keep his family safe and meet their needs and now she strolls off to do her own thing. I am seeing this more and more where women are leaving because they are not happy with XY or Z. A man is not here to fix a women or make them happy. We can only fix ourselves, change ourselves man or women. If a person wants to be happy really happy then turn inside to find it, true happiness does not come from another person or circumstance. I meet so many women that want to be taken care of meet their knight in shining armor to meet their every need… sounds dreamy… if this is what women really want what are they giving in return???? I personally am looking for a partner that I look out for and they look out for me, loyal, honest, who does their share of the A-Z required in life to have a happy family, contribute to the peace and harmony around us, and loves themselves purely so they can give the pure love away and never be depleted.

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